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Rust Preventatives

A range of high-performance corrosion preventatives for metal components

Meta-Shield™ rust preventatives are a specially formulated range of products designed for the protection of metallic parts.

Meta-Shield™ rust preventatives are based on a unique blend of high-quality corrosion inhibitors, oils and waxes. Meta-Shield™ rust preventatives safeguard the quality of your metal components during storage and transport, ensuring that your customer receives the product in the condition you intended.

The Meta-Shield™ range was developed to improve operator safety by offering products based on low VOC solvents or using water-based technology. Traditional solvent-based products are also available using a premium quality solvent.

All products are Barium, Boron and Formaldehyde release biocide free. The products can be applied by spray, dip or brush.

All Meta-Shield™ products used thixotropic technology leaving thin films that are easily removed by cleaners.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides protection against environmental factors during transport and storage
  • Superior wetting giving an even coating and reliable protection
  • Self-healing thixotropic films provide protection from accidental contact
  • Dewatering additives remove harmful moisture
  • Low VOC and water-based products negate legislation against vapours without any subsequent decreased in performance
  • Barium, Boron and Formaldehyde release biocide free
  • Easily applied by several methods, spray, dip, brush, etc.

Pack Sizes

Meta-Shield™ is supplied in 205L barrels and 1000L IBCs


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