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Alumol™ and Metarol™

Non-Ferrous Wire Drawing

High-performance, hot-rolling and wire-drawing lubricants for pure aluminium and aluminium alloy

Alumol™ is a range of high-performance lubricants specifically developed for the drawing of aluminium and aluminium alloy wire. All of the products in the Alumol™ range contain an optimised combination of natural and synthetic lubricity additives.

The Alumol™ range’s high affinity for aluminium provides exceptional film strength to deliver outstanding surface finish and die life. The use of high-purity base oil and the latest antioxidant technology minimises thermal degradation and significantly extends service life. In addition all Alumol™ products have the ability to absorb small quantities of water – preventing problems such as wire breaks and surface scratching that are usually caused by ingress of moisture.

Metalube® Metarol grades are designed for hot-rolling of aluminium. Metarol 463 is approved by Properzi.

In use experience has shown that Alumol™ drawing lubricants will deliver maximum benefits when used in conjunction with the VRX additive and Filtermet centrifugal filtration system. Together these products deliver significantly enhanced service life, reduce costs and improve production efficiency.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides optimum boundary lubrication to protect dies and provide outstanding surface finish on drawn wire
  • Excellent resistance to thermal degradation, extending service life.
  • Low viscosity aids separation of aluminium fines and pumpability in high-speed slip machines
  • Ability to absorb some moisture without compromising lubrication performance
  • Functions well with both the FILTERMET centrifugal cleaning system and Alumol™ VRX to further extend life and maximise performance, delivering significant cost savings

Pack Sizes

Alumol™ products are available in 1000L IBCs

Case Studies

Alumol™ 145

Alumol™, Metarol™ and Lubricool™

Download the Wire Drawing Alumol™, Metarol™ and Lubricool™ Product Range Sheet with product Selector Charts

Alumol™ and Metarol™ – hot-rolling and wiredrawing lubricants for pure aluminium and aluminium alloy rod

Lubricool™ – water-soluble lubricants for copper and other non-ferrous metal-drawing, rolling and annealers

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