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Non-Ferrous Wire Drawing

Water-soluble, high-performance lubricants for copper and other non-ferrous metal drawing, rolling and annealers

Lubricool™ is an extensive and robust range of soluble wire drawing lubricants and is designed for drawing non-ferrous wire. Lubricool™ provides consistent and reliable performance over a wide variety of conditions.

The Lubricool™ range uses the latest synthetic technologies and has been developed for drawing applications from rod to superfine. The Lubricool™ range also includes products for the rolling of copper strip and continuous annealers.

Lubricool™ is currently used by many of the world’s leading cable and non-ferrous wire producers. Lubricool™ is also recognised and endorsed by many machine manufacturers such as NIEHOFF, SAMP and SICTRA.

Features and benefits

  • Excellent lubrication properties that reduce wear on dies and cones and increase drawing speeds
  • Provides an exceptionally smooth, bright and clean finish to the drawn wire, making it suitable for annealing and plating processes as well as in the manufacture of insulated cable
  • Excellent emulsion stability and resistance to soap formation maximises sump life
  • Increased lubricity of the emulsion reduces wire break frequency
  • Superior detergency maintains the machines in a clean condition
  • Additive package combination produces a high resistance to excessive foaming and bacterial and fungal attack
  • Emulsion structure produces excellent filterability on both media (paper) type and hydrocyclone systems
  • Superior anti-corrosion properties to protect machine parts and the wire surface

Pack Sizes

Lubricool™ products are available in 205 litre barrels or 1000 litre IBCs

Alumol™, Metarol™ and Lubricool™

Download the Wire Drawing Alumol™, Metarol™ and Lubricool™ Product Range Sheet with product Selector Charts

Alumol™ and Metarol™ – hot-rolling and wiredrawing lubricants for pure aluminium and aluminium alloy rod

Lubricool™ – water-soluble lubricants for copper and other non-ferrous metal-drawing, rolling and annealers

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